Hybrid Workforce: The Transformation of the Call Center

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The verdict is in: You made it through the worst and are looking at returning to the call center. But wait...

"According to Frost & Sullivan, 20-25% of call center employees will continue to work from home when the pandemic ends. We expect many of these employees will be working in a blend of home and office or ‘hybrid working’. "

So, how can you ensure a healthy, happy, and productive Call Center workforce?

In this roundtable discussion, Poly and Call Center experts, Mike Ringman & David Hadobas, share their insights into how the modern call center is transforming and the impact it will have on your business and employees. In this 45-minute session you will:

•Learn how customer service representatives can be successful while business is unusual 
•Learn about the technologies that will help your workforce when hybrid working
•Help improve your attrition rate and keep your employees happy 

Michael Ringman

CIO, TELUS International

David Hadobas

President & CEO, CCNG International Inc.

George Wilson

Vice President, AMER Sales Acceleration, Poly