Meeting Equality: Workstyles and The Power of the Persona

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It takes a hero to support the collaboration needs of an entire organization – especially in a time when flexibility on work location is essential. The job of ensuring that every member of your team can hear and be heard equally is certainly not “one size fits all”. However, if you start with an understanding of the workstyles of your individual team members – and then pair those workstyles with the appropriate tools, you can deliver a consistent collaboration experience across all workspaces. Be the hero. No matter where users choose to connect.

Poly has been studying workstyle evolution for nearly a decade and we’ve identified six distinct workstyles – often referred to as personas – which make up 92% of a typical enterprise. Our workstyle persona research helps match the right audio and video solutions to workforce needs in the office, at home, or on the go.
Jennifer Adams

Sr. Director, Global Sales Experience & Enablement Programs, Poly

Dave Kowalchuk

Sales Acceleration Manager- Personal Devices, Poly