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Empowering Financial Services Professionals to Elevate Client Meetings


Finance professionals are beginning to separate themselves into two tiers when engaging clients remotely.

On one tier – call it the premium experience – clients enjoy high-optic video calls that make it feel and sound like everyone is in the room together. On the lower tier, a desktop phone and low-quality laptop camera remain the critical pieces of technology for communication.

Which tier are you on?

In this virtual roundtable, two of the industry’s biggest thought leaders on Unified Communications (UC), Poly and Zoom, will share their insights into how modern dealmakers are elevating their virtual client meetings to new heights. They will share best practices on how to empower your financial services workforce with the right tools to stay connected, and show how this translates into better relationship management outcomes for business leaders.

Financial services-specific business scenarios will include:

  • A customer facing financial services pro seamlessly elevating a client call to a Zoom meeting.
  • Senior financial services leaders joining a client Zoom call – confident in looking, sounding, and performing at their best. Meeting as equals.
  • A member of the C-suite– working from a (sometimes noisy and distracting) home office – comfortably running high octane calls and easily taking notes that can be referenced for future use.
Gary Sorrentino

Global Deputy CIO, Zoom Video Communications

Chris Moss

Vice President, Sales CTO, Poly

Nick Donato

Sales Development Manager – Financial Services, Poly