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REGISTER TO WATCH Return to Office: What Comes Next in Financial Services ON-DEMAND

How do you get staff back to the office and want to be there? It’s a question rattling an industry with split opinion on the future of work.

The challenge facing Wall Street banks and mid-market investment shops alike is this: employers want in-office workweeks of four to five days to strengthen connectivity and collaboration. Employees want far less, pointing to first-hand experience that remote work is both convenient and productive.

No one is sure what comes next, but the sense is that those who get it right earn a new competitive advantage in retaining talent, boosting client relationships, and optimizing collaboration workflows.

The truth is there is no right answer. Each firm will chart its own path. But best practices are now emerging.

In this special collaboration between Poly and Microsoft, two leading visionaries on the future of work in Financial Services, we will walk you through how offices are changing to give employees a reason to want to come in. We will discuss how technology is providing remote workers ‘meeting equality’ with on-site staff. And we will provide a strategy for balancing new employee demands with firm needs.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How financial firms are leveraging technology to evolve culture (and why)
  • Insights into how major banks are approaching workspace redesign, new collaboration tools to meet heightened employee expectations
  • Remote work compliance and security risks that must be on every CTO and CCOs checklist
  • How to keep employees happy, engaged and fresh without sacrificing work productivity
Ed Herman

FSI Global Leader, Microsoft

Nick Donato

Global Business Development–Financial Services, Poly

Charles Applegarth

Americas Head of Microsoft Alliances Sales, Poly