U.S. Government: Meeting the Challenges of Hybrid Work Models

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The U.S. Government has transformed from office workers to teleworkers overnight due to COVID-19. Agencies needed to quickly invest in secure conferencing and communication solutions for hybrid work models, allowing teams to meet virtually, collaborate, and pivot between remote and in-person experiences. 

Poly and Microsoft share a long-standing partnership providing high-quality headsets, voice, video, video-interop solutions, and services that work simply and flexibly with Microsoft Teams. Together, the two companies create a one-stop shop for government personal and group collaboration solutions meeting U.S. Department of Defense, federal, state, local, and tribal agency security and compliance requirements.

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  • Trends driving the adoption of hybrid work models in the U.S. government
  • Benefits of hybrid work models to government agencies
  • How Poly and Microsoft partner to deliver integrated, compliant solutions for U.S. government agencies
  • Key Poly and Microsoft solution offerings
  • Challenges facing Poly and Microsoft government customers