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How do you successfully outfit employees for hybrid work and return to office in a changed world of work?  By putting your people at the center of your planning. When you start with understanding how and where they work, you can better equip them with the appropriate technology to fit their needs.

Poly can help. Our research shows that 92% of employees in a typical enterprise can be categorized into six different workstyles — each with unique technology requirements and workspace needs.

At no cost, we can help you:
  • identify the workstyles within your organization
  • understand their collaboration preferences and pain points
  • outfit employees, and meeting spaces, with the audio and video tools they need for how and where they work
  • ensure high quality communication experiences regardless of location.

Do you have a collaboration strategy that supports this? If not, start with our Persona Workstyle Survey tool.

Just complete the form and a Poly consultant will contact you within two business days.