A Showcase of Collaborative Solutions for Education

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In response to the global pandemic, which has impacted 1.6 billion students worldwide, educators around the globe have been forced to quickly adopt new tools and techniques for remote instruction.

After several months of dialing in the basics, such as holding classes over Zoom and using apps like Google Classroom, many schools are now looking to deploy more advanced technology to ensure a more engaging experience for students and set their teachers up for success.

However, deciding what gear to roll out, which features to deploy, and how to ensure network readiness can be a major challenge for administrators and IT departments to navigate.

Join us at this exclusive virtual event where Poly collaboration experts present to you LIVE from our Poly Experience Centre. You will get to witness the following solutions that can make a huge difference for teachers working from home or in remote classrooms:

  • Video cameras with features like speaker tracking
  • Headsets that block out distracting background noise
  • Speakerphones with acoustic fence technology

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn innovative ways to secure that better teaching experience with tools that enrich the new blended learning experience.

Poly Team

Low Hee Bun

Competitive Intelligence and Field Product Manager, APAC, Poly

Angela Yang

Experience and Demonstration Manager, Poly