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Hybrid Heroes: Equal Meetings for All

Why the right tech can save your meetings, collaboration, and culture

The rules have changed. Mastering a hybrid work environment is not something you can leave to chance. Your business productivity and employee satisfaction depend on getting it right.

  • Hear from Dr. Nicholas Bloom, renowned economist and Stanford University Professor who has spent his career researching the art and science of hybrid working.
  • Learn firsthand from Eugene Pitts, head of Enterprise Video at JPMorgan Chase, what it’s like to be on the frontlines navigating the evolution of hybrid working.

  • Poly’s President and CEO, Dave Shull, will share how Poly’s innovations are helping to solve the meeting inequality crisis.
Nicholas Bloom, PhD

Professor of Economics, Stanford University

Eugene Pitts

Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Dave Shull

President and Chief Executive Officer, Poly