79% of call centre workers in the UK Want to spend some time at home and some time in an office

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Call centres are handling more interactions than ever before.

Looking beyond the initial disruption we experienced in 2020 and its lasting impact on the way we all work, the hybrid working movement is still a relatively new term for call centres. Traditionally, the industry was dominated by working within a company’s premises with a small minority of employees working from home.

Now, new research suggests that 79% of UK agents surveyed want to spend some time at home and some time in the office*. And they have a voice, are more empowered, and prefer choices in where and how they work.

The research covers:

  • The voice of the agent: Examine how call centre agents want to work.
  • Interview results from 200 UK call centres employees.
  • Covering the technology and spaces they need to work effectively in 2021.

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*CCMA UK Research Initiative supported by Poly