Take your Zoom Deployment from Good to Great

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You picked Zoom so your organization could communicate, collaborate, and share content. But PCs, laptops, and mobile phones, by themselves, may not be delivering the most professional experience for all workstyles and workspaces.

This guide is designed to help you quickly assess your needs and make informed decisions on enterprise-grade audio, video, and phone device types that will help you take your Zoom deployment from good to great.

Download now to learn:

  • Why a “great Zoom experience” matters and how to optimize it for your organization
  • How to make better decisions when purchasing enterprise-grade audio, video, and phone device types
  • How to select the right smart devices for your Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom phones
  • How to improve engagement and strengthen human connections with business quality audio and video and deliver better outcomes for your organization
  • Proven tips and next steps for running a successful pilot program