Digital Healthcare: The Future of Virtual Care, Collaboration, and Communication

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Healthcare organizations faced unprecedented challenges as they responded to accommodate the surge of COVID-19 positive patients while keeping front line staff and patients safe. The healthcare industry saw rapid adoption of video conferencing and collaboration tools to provide care to patients, regardless of where patients or clinicians are located while mitigating the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.  

Using these technologies healthcare providers can continue to provide a high level of care for their patients via virtual visits and collaborate with colleagues in team huddles, rounding, or tumor boards. Poly partners with the major unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platform vendors including Microsoft to enable healthcare organizations to improve digital engagement and maintain high standards of patient care.

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  • How healthcare organizations benefit from video conferencing solutions combined with collaboration and communication platforms
  • How Poly and Microsoft partner to deliver integrated UCC solutions for healthcare
  • Key Poly and Microsoft solution offerings
  • Challenges and market opportunities facing Poly and Microsoft customers