Hybrid Working: Creating the “next normal” in work practices, spaces and cultures

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Almost overnight, COVID-19 forced millions of employees around the world to shift from working in an office to working from home.

This quick transition to remote working has shown how employees can operate at the same (if not greater) levels of efficiency and productivity, while achieving a better work-life balance.

As many employees start heading back to the office, companies need to think about how to give them flexibility and freedom in how, when and where they work in this new hybrid working environment.

In this report, we draw on research, real-world examples and the views of experts on the future of work, workplace design and cultural change to explore how work will change as we emerge in the “next normal."

Download the Hybrid Working Report now to learn how to:

  • Create hybrid working practices that benefit your company and your employees
  • Design in-office workspaces that are safe, productive and connected
  • Enhance virtual collaboration for your hybrid workforce

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