Trade up to Poly Trio C60

The Trio C60 is a must have for an exceptional native Microsoft Teams audio conferencing experience.

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Trio C60 is the newest addition to the Poly Trio Conference Phone Series. The Trio C60 is a certified Microsoft Teams conference phone with up to 4x faster performance than its predecessors.

Here are just a few more reasons customers will love the Trio C60:

  • Poly signature audio for natural conversations
  • NoiseBlockAI for distraction-free calls
  • Familiar and consistent user experience in every conference room
  • Start a meeting in seconds with one-touch join
  • Reduce time, money and IT resources with comprehensive management and provisioning
  • Take advantage of this limited-time offer of up to $150 off each Trio C60 when you trade-in existing Trio 8800 and Trio 8500 Microsoft edition conference phones.

How It Works

  1. Work with your preferred reseller to fill out this Trade-In Claim Form. Be sure to populate the serial numbers for each Trio 8800 or Trio 8500 Microsoft edition conference phone you wish to trade-in. Discounts on the Poly Trio C60 will be approved only on a one-to-one basis.
  2. Email your completed Trade-in claim form to: [email protected]. Our team of dedicated customer service agents will confirm the serial numbers, and within 3 working days, you and your reseller will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the quantity you have been approved to purchase.
  3. Within 5 working days after receipt of your approval notification, you and your reseller will receive a second e-mail notification with your unique offer code and additional next steps (which include having your reseller submit the completed Trade-In Claim form at the time of order from Distribution).
  4. This promotion is valid September 2, 2020, through March 28, 2021. Don’t miss out!