Trade up to Poly Trio C60

The Trio C60 is a must have for an exceptional native Microsoft Teams audio conferencing experience

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The Poly Trio C60 is the newest addition to Poly’s Trio Conference Phone Series. We have carried forth the recognizable and iconic triangular shape but introduced a fresh, modern look. The Trio C60 is a certified Microsoft Teams conference phone with up to 4x faster performance than its predecessors.

Here are just a few more reasons customers love the Trio C60:

  • Enhance collaboration with Poly signature audio for natural conversations including the new NoiseBlockAI for removing distracting noise while allowing your voice to continue to be heard
  • Drive increased user adoption as the technology in every room is familiar and consistent
  • Start a meeting in seconds with one-touch join and simplify scheduling with Outlook calendar integration
  • Reduce time, money and IT resources with comprehensive management and provisioning for quick deployment and high uptime


When you trade in your existing Poly Trio 8800 or 8500 through Poly resellers from September 1, 2020 to April 02, 2022, you'll be eligible to receive generous trade in discounts on your new Poly Trio C60.

*Terms and conditions apply.