Complete the form below to have a Consulting expert contact you to help you Work From Home.

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Is your team struggling with setting up their unified collaboration (UC) solution to work from home? Do they need help or practical advice on how to set up a workspace, or how to get the most from their cameras and microphones? Does your organization have collaboration security questions or want to increase productivity on video calls?

Poly is here to help. We are offering a free 20-minute consulting call with one of our UC experts to give your organization advice. If you need help with:

  • Remote working best practices for employees
  • Best practices for moving to Microsoft Teams
  • Poly headset and management tips
  • Video etiquette
  • Managing an increased number of remote workers
  • Capacity planning
  • External partner/vendor collaboration

Simply fill out the inquiry form and one of our UC consultants will get back to you within two business days to offer you free advice.

This offer is available until March 31, 2021.

Please note that this offer is to help people working from home. The calls are not available to provide technical support or help with troubleshooting, which should be submitted following the standard practice for customers with a current Poly support contract through our Poly Online Support Center.